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Principal's Welcome

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Dear Students

Welcome to the DAV Family! Officially registered with the
Ministry of Education (MOE) in 1957, we have since grown from a
handful of students to over 4000 today. This has been due to the
hard work and dedication of our teachers, supervisors and
management staff as well as the support of MOE and all the
national schools that partner us.

At DAV Hindi School, we are committed to the growth of the students as well as teachers. We regularly have teachers’ trainings and organise school holiday workshops and enrichment programmes especially for students taking critical examinations such as PSLE, O
Levels and A Levels.

Apart from teaching the Hindi language, we also try and inculcate good values and an appreciation of our culture in our students and hence provide platforms for them to participate and perform in our various cultural events and activities.

I hope you can be proud of learning your mother tongue as much as we are proud of teaching it; and we wish you an enriching student life at DAV. 

Mr Om Prakash Rai

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